Martin Erat Crossed The Line

Tonight the New York Rangers are playing the Washington Capitals, and there is no love lost between these two teams. Capitals forward Martin Erat took it upon himself to make his feelings known. Erat has earned three minor penalties in tonight’s game. It’s the third penalty that should earn him some time in the press box.

At the 16:49 mark of the second period Erat was called for slashing, after hitting Rangers forward Brian Boyle in the groin. The “slash” was not a typical slash; Erat took the blade of his stick and jab it into Boyle’s groin. If this was a 2 minute penalty the rule book needs to be rewritten.

The NHL is developing an image problem, and Erat has given the league a black eye tonight. Once again the NHL will need to do damage control. I would expect Erat to get a phone call, and watch a few games from the press box

Now, the official box score will tell you that Erat was penalized for slashing Boyle. What he actually did was far, far worse. SB Nation

There is no way for the NHL or the Capitals to pawn this off on anything or anyone else except Erat.. It’s clear that Martin Erat crossed a line tonight and he deserves to sit and watch a few games.





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*GIF courtesy of SB Nation