Top Five NHL Uniforms In Need Of A Rebrand

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When you look at the uniforms of each team in the NHL, you realize that right now is one of the best eras for NHL logos and uniforms in a long time. Sure, the Reebok Edge system is still maligned by many, but the majority of teams have fixed the issues that appeared with the Edge’s debut in 2007. With the exception of the Buffaslug, nothing has neared the hate the Ducks “Wild Wing” or Kings “Burger King” alternates received back in the 90s. All in all the NHL looks pretty good right now.

However, there are still a few teams that either missing a few details, are overly bland, or just plain eyesores. In this post I will list the Top 5 teams whose uniforms are in most need of a rebrand. When I say rebrand, for some on this list that means a few tweaks and changes; while for others the changes are much more drastic.

With that let’s start off with #5…

5. San Jose Sharks

The San Jose Sharks made some minor modifications to their uniforms this past off season. While they are an improvement, some key areas were overlooked that really hold them back. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Sharks are on this list not because their jerseys are bad, but because they are SO close to being really good. San Jose  just tweaked their uniforms during the off season by getting rid of the hem stripes and shoulder yoke, as well as simplifying the arm striping. The changes were not wildly popular, as some saw them as insignificant or dismissed them for making the uniforms plain and boring. Others felt that the Sharks did not go far enough.

I liked the simplification of the overall uniform. Not every jersey needs to follow the traditional cookie cutter style of three stripes on the sleeves and matching stripes across the hem. That being said, I think the Sharks missed a few key areas that could have made the new uniforms some of the best in the NHL.

Re-introducing gray back into the Sharks color palette would be a big improvement. Gray was a part of the Sharks original jerseys, seen here. Courtesy of

San Jose pretty much eliminated orange from the uniforms. I say pretty much, because there is still a small orange stripe on the sleeves. They should eliminate the orange completely, and reintroduce gray into the palette. It looks much more “pacific” and would also echo San Jose’s original look. Keep orange to the Philadelphia Flyers and California rivals, the Anaheim Ducks. The arm striping pattern from last year’s jerseys was fine; just replace the orange with gray.

Courtesy of

Finally, the Sharks need to fix the shoulder patch. We get it, it’s a shark leaping into the air and biting a hockey stick; it’s right there on the chest of the jersey. Meanwhile, the Sharks have a modernized version of their original fin logo that goes unused on their uniforms. Replace the orange with gray and you have a much better, less redundant, shoulder patch.

One aspect that I see often criticized is the chest numbers. When the Reebok Edge system was introduced, several teams had numbers on the upper right of the uniforms. These days, only the Buffalo Sabres and the Sharks have them. What was once an overused trend is now something that is now quite unique.


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