Ryan Miller, Homeless?

Ryan Miller figured he would cash in during the off-season, but after a sub-par playoffs could he find himself homeless? Miller, formerly of the Buffalo Sabres and the St Louis Blues, seems to be a toxic name now.

After leaving Buffalo for St. Louis many thought Miller would enter the off-season with a Stanley Cup, but Miller fell apart under the pressure. About a week ago, I thought maybe the Anaheim Ducks or San Jose Sharks may have some interest in Miller, but a report found on PHT says that won’t happen. With those two team seeming out of the running for Miller’s services, the number of possible landing spots has drastically been cut down.

It has long been rumored that Miller wants to play out West, but his poor performance in St. Louis may have killed any chance of that happening. There is a chance the Vancouver Canucks look at Miller, but in the past, it seemed Miller did not want to be part of any rebuild. There are a few options back East.

The Washington Capitals are in need a big name goaltender, but they don’t have a coach or GM at the moment. That leaves the Pittsburgh Penguins, or maybe the Philadelphia Flyers, as outside teams that may entertain the idea of bring in Miller.

Here’s a wild idea: Should the Buffalo Sabres look to bring Miller back? They have the second pick in this year’s draft, and a lot of cap room to bring in a few big players. If Miller doesn’t go to Pittsburgh, or the Caps, Buffalo could make a run at him.

It’s well-known that Miller will keep you in the game, but he struggles to steal the game. While he may want to live out West, I think his best chance to regain his “All-World” form is to land back East.