NHL Jerseys: Ugly Sweater Party (Fan Poll)

The NHL and it’s teams are about making money, and one way they do this it by selling jerseys. However the NHL has a group of teams that could hold their own ugly sweater party. In today’s fan poll we will ask you; What team has the worst jersey in the NHL?

It may be just my eyes, but the ugly sweater list is very easy to see.

Buffalo Sabres: 3rd Jersey- This jersey doesn’t know if it’s coming or going. It has a look of melted crayons

New York Islanders: All of them- The Islanders jersey is uninspired, and just completely outdated. It’s a hockey take on the New York Mets look, and it looks as bad as the Mets play. Sorry Islanders fans it’s not an attack on you, just the jersey.

Carolina Hurricanes: The Logo fails them- If you are going to spend the money to redo you jersey, you should consider getting rid of the black and red dinner plate on the front of  your jersey. I’ll give the Hurricanes credit for attempting to go classic, but they only went 85%. Fox the logo, get off my list.

Anaheim Ducks: It’s the D and colors- You can be one of the top teams in the NHL, but the Ducks look bad. It’s been a problem from the beginning. I’m going to blame Disney for some of it. The Mighty Ducks logo was a mess, and now the Ducks; well that’s not much better. There is no real logo, and a letter does not make for a strong look.  Get off the pond and back to the drawing board.

Florida Panthers: It’s the logo, and the name- I know the name shouldn’t matter, but in this case it is to blame or a jumping panthers; that has a Lion King look to it. Also I believe there are only around 160 panthers in Florida.

Vancouver Canucks: Home and Away- Sorry Canucks fans, your jersey is way to busy. In no way am I attacking your heritage, but it’s time to free the whale. Just stick with your third jersey and move on.

There are surly more jerseys that rub me and others the wrong way. Feel free to let us know what teams jersey you dislike.

What NHL team has the worst jersey?

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