Did the St. Louis Blues Leak Their New Logo?

According to the IceThetics NHL Jersey Watch, one of the rumored uniform changes this off season is new home and away uniforms for the St. Louis Blues. A change to the Blues uniforms comes as a bit of a surprise, as while the Blues have a modern jersey set, they have rarely shown up on lists of teams that need a change. So far there have been no rumors as to the changes the Blues are making, but they may have tipped their hand yesterday in the press release naming Chris Zimmerman President and CEO of the team.

It would take a pair of eagle eyes to notice any changes to the Blues logo included with the press release, but the shade of blue used on the classic “Blue Note” logo is much lighter. In fact, it appears to be more in line with the Blues pre-1998 re-design lighter shade of blue.

When you put the two shades next to each other in an image editing program the differences between the two is more apparent. To the left is the logo featured in the Zimmerman press release. On the right is the current Blues logo.

Current logo courtesy of Sportslogos.net

It might be a stretch to think the Blues would leak their new logo in a press release, as most teams choose to reveal changes at big unveiling events or the NHL draft. But, perhaps since it is such a small change it slipped through the cracks.

Personally, I hope this signals a return to a more traditional design for the St. Louis Blues. The Blue Note logo is one of the best in the NHL, but the current Blues uniforms are a Reebok Edgeified mess.

We will have to wait until the draft to see if this slight change in color was simply some type of error or if it is a signal of the changes coming down the pipeline in St. Louis.