Chicago Blackhawks May Need New Logo

The Chicago Blackhawks are a member of the NHL’s Original six, and because of that they will forever be a part of history. But, yesterday the U.S Patent and Trademark Office canceled 6 federal trademarks for the NFL’s Washington Redskins; so it may be time to retire the Native American head of the Blackhawks.

As pointed out by our partner site Blackhawk Up and their staff writer Brian Kinkade , the Blackhawks name is not taken as offensive, or at least it is not meant to be. But, the logo may no longer be the correct image for the Blackhawks. Chicago’s name was originally the Black Hawks up until 1986 when the names were joined. While the name and logo are meant to honor the U.S Battalion of the 86th Division, and a Native American; the logo is going to become a target.

I don’t speak for any Native Americans, and I cannot fully understand their point of view on these matters, but I can speak from a business point of view. If the Blackhawks don’t want their reputation dragged through the mud the need to make a change.

In today’s world some say that everything needs to be politically correct and no one feelings should be hurt, and while I do not want to hurt anyone feelings; if we go one changing everything that is because suddenly people are offended we could go too far. But, as it pertains to the Chicago Blackhawks logo, it’s time the team gets proactive and makes the change.

With media coverage being what it is today and the red-hot Redskins issue you can bet that someone is going to start gunning for the Blackhawks to do something. It’s really a question of does the Blackhawks ownership group and front office want to go on the defensive or will they look at this as a way to say we understand, and will adapt.