NHL Odds Are In: Blackhawks, Kings, Bruins and Penguins Look Good

As the NHL season slowly comes into focus hockey fans around the world are lining up to place their bets.  Recently Bovada has released their NHL Odds, and it’s the same old teams leading the way. Just seeing the Blackhawks, Kings, Bruins and Penguins sitting in their throne is frustrating, but when you’re good you’re good.

Seeing as how I enjoy cheering for underdog teams I’m hoping that this season a different team can find their way to the NHL Stanley Cup Final. It would be great to see some team come out of know where and smack one of these powerhouses in the face.  But, as you can see in this table with NHL odds from  Bovada it seems like the odds makers have little faith in a team sneaking up and taking the Cup.

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Look at the NHL Odds  and taking recent transactions into consideration I do think that teams like the Minnesota Wild and the Tampa Bay Lightning could be contenders. While other teams like the Nashville Predators, and Washington Capitals have the ability to give teams fits. It doesn’t matter if you like to bet or not. Odds can be an addition to your pre-season smack talk in your fantasy leagues.

The great thing with NHL hockey is it only take one injury, one suspension to a star player to completely shift the odds. As we all know the injuries will come, but suspensions to a star player; that is not the NHL’s way of doing business.  Hopeful once the season starts and the puck drops teams provided their fans with hope. There is nothing more frustrating than to be out of the race by Thanksgiving.

Now, I’m not saying teams like the Buffalo Sabres or the Edmonton Oilers are going to make a run and shift the NHL odds, but someone will and when that happens it makes from a very entertaining season.