Pittsburgh Penguins Unveil New Third Jersey

The Pittsburgh Penguins kicked off their first day of training camp by unveiling a new third jersey. The Penguins went without an alternate jersey last season, something the team hasn’t done since the 2007-08 season. Since then, the Penguins have worn two different Winter Classic uniforms as their alternates. Both were inspired by the Penguins original uniforms, trading in the black and vegas gold for blue and baby blue, a color scheme that was quickly copied by several other teams.

The Penguins have once again turned to the past for their third jersey, but this time it’s the black and yellow of the 80’s and 90’s that provided the inspiration.

Penguins fans have been calling for a return to their Penguins original shade of gold since the team switched to “Vegas Gold” for the 2002 season. What has been dubbed “Pittsburgh Gold” by the Penguins, matches the color worn by the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

So far, fan reaction has been positive on social media and it appears that this jersey will become extremely popular with Penguins fans. Honestly, I can’t blame them, as this is easily the best jersey the Pittsburgh Penguins have unveiled in years. The only major complaint so far is the high hem stripes, which give the jersey a “high-waist” appearance.

The original Baby Blue Winter Classic jerseys were a hit, but by the time the second iteration was unveiled, the NHL had become saturated with blue. While black and yellow is already worn by Boston, it is a big part of Pittsburgh sports tradition. It is nice to see the Penguins finally look like a Pittsburgh team again.

According to the third jersey schedule released by the Penguins, the new thirds will be worn 12 times this season, and will make their first appearance on October 22nd, against the Philadelphia Flyers.