Carolina Hurricanes Could Be For Sale

The Carolina Hurricanes have all eyes on them now. There are reports that current owner Peter Karmanos is looking to bring in a partner with hopes of being bought out. Karmanos has owned the team for 20 years, and as he ages it seems he is looking for a 4420 million dollar payday. If the team is sold my only question is will they stay in Carolina?

Carolina is one of the few teams in the South to see success. They have won the Stanley Cup and they have had stats on the roster. As this chapter in Hurricanes history start to come to an end fans should be proud. Your owner wants to keep the team in Carolina, but with all the expansion and relocation take could the NHL have other ideas? I have no clue and it’s purely speculation at this point, but a sale now would get my attention.

Karmanos doesn’t want to step away yet; he wants someone next to him to help the 71-year-old slowly fade away. A TSN report had this quote “”What I am trying to do is set up a reasonable succession plan because I’m not one of those guys who thinks I am going to go on forever,” Karmanos said in an interview. “I’d like to have a partner again…but someone will have to pay dearly for it. (The Hurricanes are) a valuable franchise despite what some of your folk in Canada say about them. I don’t see a basketball or baseball or football team coming here. We’re going to be the lone ranger here (in Raleigh) for quite some time.”

The hard part for a potential investor is they would be investing in a losing team. Carolina has only one playoff appearance since winning the Stanley Cup back in 2006. If that trend continues the Hurricanes could be one team rumored to be on the move from the cost to the desert. The Hurricanes simply need to put fans in the seats and my earlier thought means nothing, but last year the Hurricanes only averaged 15,483 fans per game good for 23rd in the NHL.

If Carolina fans want to stay in the eye of the Hurricane they need to show up and support their team. This is no time to pack up and head for high ground