NHL Trade Rumors: Eric Staal Will Not Waive No Trade Clause

The winds of NHL trade rumors are once again blowing around the NHL, and Eric Staal‘s name is in the eye of the storm. The Carolina Hurricanes would seeming like to move their 2003 first round pick, but the 30-year-old Stall wants no part of that. It’s being reported that Stall is not willing to waive his no trade clause. There are a few solid reasons to try and move the life-long Hurricane. Staal is in the middle of his worst statistical year other than is rookie season. His 26 points in 37 games is somewhat worry some. But maybe the biggest factor in wanting to move Staal is the $9.5 million Carolina will owe him in the final year of his contract.

Carolina is in a race for last place and unloading the heavy contact and aging forward would be nice. One team rumors to be interested in Staal is the

Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs are desperate to save face and start turning things around. They are not bed enough for be in the race for last, but need help all the same.

 The Toronto Sun’s Steve Simmons shed some additional light on the rumors, noting the following: A deal involving Gardiner and Kadri may be more realistic, as a first-rounder (particularly in the 2015 NHL Draft) would be too steep. (Some believe even that package would be too steep.) Nothing has been discussed since the regular season kicked off. [PHT]

With Staal at the “old” age of 30 there are people who say it’s unload him now or his value will drop off a lot. One report states that players retain about 90% of their scoring through age 29, but the drop from there is pretty sharp — they hit 80% at age 31, 70% at age 32-33, and 60% at age 35. If true the Hurricanes are just about too late and they should have looked to unload Staal last season.

I do believe that if a true contender comes calling Staal may change his mind.