Arizona Coyotes Owner Wants His Team In Arizona

Anthony LeBlanc, an owner of the Arizona Coyotes, indicated in an interview on Sportsnet’s Hockey Central at Noon that the Arizona Coyotes will stay in the desert for the long hall.  He specifically cited that the team is on course for their plan of turning a profit in three years.  He also spoke of how the team has made capital investments in their arena, not something done by a team with moving on their mind.  He talked about how the team is no longer last in the league for ticket sales, I’m looking at you Florida, and that the team has tripled its corporate sponsorship income.

The most encouraging sign from the interview was how much LeBlanc was in tune with the idea that the team will only fully turn around when it wins.  From how many times he cited players on the current roster and players in the farm system it indicates this team will not be a heavy seller at the deadline.

Arizona fans can be reassured by this but take it with a grain of salt as you would from any other owner with a five year out clause.  If his statements today are taken at face value a lot fans are going to have to figure out other ways for Quebec City to get a team.  This along with other developments, a committed ownership group in Florida and the loss in value of the Canadian Loonie makes putting in work to make sure teams stay where they are a much more attractive prospect for the NHL.