Jim Rutherford Is Sick Of The Sidney Crosby Bashing

It’s good to be Sidney Crosby, or at least it should be. Crosby has been a star from day one, and with that come a fair share of criticism. Some so and some not so much, but when a player’s GM gets in the conversation and complains about it there is a problem. Crosby has long been known for being a baby on and off the ice, but his talent is unmatched.

It’s total nitpicking because there’s nothing wrong with him,” Rutherford said Monday at the general managers meeting. “His play, to me, has been as good as it’s ever been. [Pro Hockey Talk/Jim Rutherford]

This season Crosby is showing that even as he ages his play continues to be on par with the NHL’s best. With 64 game played he has put up 71 points; while a good

to very good year by most accounts this year has been a down year in comparison to most of Crosby’s seasons.

If Sidney Crosby “improves” during the Playoffs all of what’s wrong with Crosby talk will fade away and it will become all hail Sid the Kid. Pittsburgh is contending for the Eastern Conference title, and will likely fall short, but for once I’m on Crosby’s side. People need to just relax and let the season unfold.

Honestly, one can understand the frustration for Crosby and the Penguins in general, as any perceived cold streak is placed under the magnifying glass. It’s easy to forget that Pittsburgh remains an East contender and Crosby could very well win another Art Ross Trophy despite missing a chunk of games with injury issues. [Pro Hockey Talk]

There is not one hockey fan that I can think of that wouldn’t want to have Sidney Crosby on their team. It’s a case of wanting what you can’t have. With 71 points Crosby would be near the top of ever NHL team in points, and while I think parts of his game are not appealing. It’s more of a personality thing with me.

Star players often cry and complain about everything, and it dates back to well before Wayne Gretzky. It all does seem fitting as some have called Crosby “The next Gretzky.”

I will say that Jim Rutherford opening his moth is a joke, and he needs to let his players handle their own business. Crosby is a big boy playing a physical game if he still can’t handle criticism then maybe he needs to just turn off the TV.