Philadelphia Flyers Vincent Lecavalier Wants Out Or Berube Gone

Philadelphia Flyers Vincent Lecavalier has had a very frustrating season.  He earned 20 points while totaling 8 goals and 12 assists over 57 games this season.  His lowest up til this point was a 28 point performance…in his rookie year of 98-99.

What was shocking about his media availability on Monday as the Flyers closed down shop for the season was the reveal that Lecavalier has taken the position of wanting to stay in Philadelphia, but only if current head coach Craig Berube is gone.  From the Courier-Post

At this point, the only way he wants to return to the Flyers for the third year of his five-year contract is if there’s a different head honcho behind the bench.

“Yeah, that’s fair to say,” Lecavalier said. “He’s got his views and obviously he’s shown that. I think there’s 17 or 18 games I was scratched. Obviously it’s gonna be tough to change his mind. We’ll see what happens.”

In his exit interviews with general manager Ron Hextall, Lecavalier said his role next season didn’t really come up, that it was more of a “we’ll see what happens” scenario.

This may not be the worst situation for the Flyers as most sources indicate that Berube is not long for the job anyway. Although it does create an issue for the franchise going forward.  If a player, who many consider to be an awful signing for the Flyers, is able to call out a coach for decisions made about ice time it gives the impression to free agent coaches that the inmates run the asylum in Philadelphia.

It is the NHL and there are only thirty head coaching spots so obviously the Flyers will find someone to fill the spot.  The issue is that they will have a harder time landing one of the top coaching candidates.  They may not have been in the running for one anyway, but the top coaches, the ones that are real difference makers, have options.  When they look at a franchise where an overpaid fourth line player has more cash than the coach they will decide to head somewhere else.