Piggie Smalls: St.Louis Blues New Unofficial Mascot

Piggie Smalls is the new unofficial mascot for St.Louis, stemming from a simple technological error that most of us have fell victim to. The dreaded auto-correct created quite a buzz recently in the Blues community on social media, which has led to fans bearing signs with the hashtag. There’s even been t-shirts created bearing “#roarbacon”.

It even went as far as influencing St.Louis Blues forward David Backes to introduce the team’s new unofficial mascot prior to Saturday’s game. Piggie Smalls can be seen below.

Via Puck Daddy on Yahoo Sports,

The accidental creator of the rallying cry is Elise Butler, part of the Blues’ four-person digital team. She’s in her first season in St. Louis, after working for the AHL Chicago Wolves last season.

She posted the Instagram image, but didn’t immediately catch the auto-correct mistake.

“I don’t know if I forgot the ‘k’ in ‘back’ so it went to ‘bacon’ or if I just write about bacon too much that it just went there,” she said on Thursday.

The craze began earlier this week when the person responsible for the Blues twitter handle mistakenly wrote “roar bacon” instead of roar back after the Blues came back late in a game. This is a classic case of auto-correct doing what it does best, twisting our words to make some things comically funny at times.

Recently, the St.Louis Blues have been dealing with injuries to numerous players, but lost both Paul Stastny and Jaden Schwartz for an extended period. They’ve still managed to go 10-3-1 with 21 points, good enough for 2nd place in the central division. Vladimir Tarasenko is tied for the lead in points with Alex Steen, both having 13 points.

A different look early on in 2015-16 in-goal with Jake Allen getting starts against the league’s best, while Elliott sees time against the weaker opponents. Elliott was putting up solid numbers at the very beginning of the season but has since trailed off.  The Blues will need Allen to continue his solid play if St.Louis has any hope at making a deep playoff run this season.