NHL Free Agency Rumors: Ryan Miller to sign with Anaheim Ducks

According to Bob McKenzie, Ryan Miller will be signing with the Anaheim Ducks. 

The Anaheim Ducks are looking to add a backup goaltender. Jonathan Bernier was a nice one-year stop gap, doing better than expected. However, he’s reportedly heading off to the Colorado Avalanche to replace Calvin Pickard, who was drafted by the Vegas Golden Knights. The Ducks decided to be proactive in their search for John Gibson’s next backup, reportedly signing Ryan Miller.

This makes a ton of sense for both sides. Noureen DeWulf, an actress who lives in California, is Miller’s wife. Naturally, he wants to stay close to her, hence why he went to the Vancouver Canucks back in 2014. Signing with the Ducks allows Miller to remain close to Hollywood. You don’t get much closer to Hollywood than Anaheim.

From the Ducks perspective, they get a solid backup. Miller is an excellent team player, accepting whatever role he is given. He should be good in a backup role, as his age has limited his possibilities of being a starter. Gibson is still quite young, so having a veteran goalie like Miller around is probably a good thing. The former Buffalo Sabres goalie has a strong work ethic, which should rub off on Gibson and the rest of the Ducks.

Financial terms of the deal are not yet known. But Anaheim has a little bit of leeway with their cap situation, so an overpay for Miller wouldn’t be crippling. Plus, in this goalie market, you pay for quality. And Miller is one of the best available.

So far, signings are starting to get out early. Be sure to stay tuned to Puck Prose, as we’ll be on top of everything. Miller to the Ducks is a very nice fit, both sides get what they want, everyone’s happy. What’s not to like?