Every NHL team’s Mount Rushmore

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Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Each NHL team has been blessed with some impressive players and people who have made the mark on the franchise. Here’s a look at each team’s Mount Rushmore looks like.

The NHL has been around for 100 years. Many excellent players have come and gone throughout its existence. Currently, there are 31 teams. However, only 30 can say they’ve played a game entering the 2017 offseason.

Each team has seen people influence the franchise for the best. Whether they be players, coaches or front office personnel, it’s hard to see teams existing without certain individuals. Just like the United States has a Mount Rushmore, each NHL team has four people who define the franchise.

Here are some very quick guidelines. First of all, unless a person is that important to more than one franchise, each person will only be on one Mount Rushmore. There are going to be several exceptions, but they are special exceptions. Secondly, the only on-ice stats that are relevant are ones they have accumulated with the team. What they did away from the team in question is not important.

Thirdly, players, coaches and front office personnel will be considered. However, players will generally get the nod over the other two unless they truly warrant selection. Some of them were very hard to do because there were so many great choices. Others were difficult because of a lack of quality options. But each of these were hard to do, for it’s hard to nail down the four most important people to each franchise.

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