2010 FanSided NHL Mock Draft, Part 1: Introduction


In the NHL, a Entry Draft could signal the beginning of a new era on your team, or the end of a saga. It’s the General Manager’s choice of what to do.  Here at FanSided Hockey, we are trying to give the most information, analysis, and best representation of what will happen on June 25th. In a first, the hockey writers here have participated in a FanSided NHL Mock Draft since June 30th when we started with the Edmonton Oilers and their Taylor or Tyler question, up until the Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks and their looming salary cap problems.

Although not all NHL teams are represented on FanSided (Frank’s working on that!), we had enough representatives to cover all teams. Without further adieu, here are the armchair GM’s of this year’s Mock Draft.

Dave Parkinson: Since his team, the Calgary Flames wasted their first round draft pick on Olli Jokinen, he will represent the Edmonton Oilers and the Minnesota Wild. Stay tuned to find out if he will screw up his least favourite team. Find him over at Flame For Thought

Richard Doyle: Basking in the glory of the Phil Kessel trade, Ricky will be picking at #2 and #15 overall for his Boston Bruins. Is there a possible curveball thrown? Head to Causeway Crowd for more on the Bruins’ selections.

Frank Rekas: The Gary Bettman of FanSided will be representing both the Florida Panthers and their 3rd overall pick, but as well the Atlanta Thrasheras, picking at #8 and at #24. Watch out here, booing him is like cats and dogs raining! Read his stuff at The Rat Trick.

Gavin Humes: Living in the place of the Draft, Gavin will be picking for the Columbus Blue Jackets at #4 and for his own team, the Los Angeles Kings at #19. Will he supply both teams with writeable assets for the future? Find out at Rink Royalty.

Gary Harding/John Paranerese: The two-headed monster delegation will pick for the New York Islanders, one year after saving their team by drafting John Tavares. Can they pull it off again, and is it a wing for Tavares or a defenseman? Stay tuned to Eyes On Isles

Dustin Staggers: The brain-thinking for the Tampa Bay Lightning will try ot get either help for Maurice Richard co-winner Steven Stamkos or help for their first round pick last year, Victor Hedman. Stay in touch at Bolts By The Bay.

Wesley Anderson: Can Wesley here convert the Carolina Hurricanes back into their old form of the Cardiac with one measly pick. Is help for Eric Staal on the way? Find out, and go to Cardiac Cane.

Jordan Alpert: Although he’s not writing anymore for FanSided, Jord was kind enough to make his pick for the New York Rangers. Is a big, strong centre in the cards, or is help on the wings coming to the Big Apple? Go to Blue Line Station.

Austin Waldron: The Texan from the Blackout will try to get Dallas back to playoff glory? Defense or Offense? Maybe another Mike Modano in the making? Find out at Blackout Dallas.

Susan Lee: The girl of FanSided Hockey may be scarier than you think. She’s got tricks up her sleeve, all in the name of the Anaheim Ducks. Can she revert Anaheim back to Cup glory like in 2007, or will it be lights out. Check in at Ducks Daily Blog.

Steve Fetch: The lifetime Winnipeg Jets fan will try to pick a future asset needed for the former and future Jets. Or maybe he will finally listen to Gary Bettman and keep the team in the Desert. He has two picks to do so, or the clock strikes for the Cinderella. Follow him at The College Hockey Blog.

Bobby Zijiac: Hey, my part! I’ll be picking for the Ottawa Senators, in hopes to rebuilding the team’s blue-chip prospect profile, as well for the Montreal Canadiens. And trust me, I’m not Dave, I won’t screw them around…Find out at SenShot.

Jake Bennett: After a surprising year in the Mile High, let’s see if Jake here can turn them into a better seed and into glory never seen since 2001. Will one pick do the trick? See at it on Mile High Sticking

Larenzo Jensen: With another choke job from the Canucks on the Blackhawks (sorry, just had to), Larenzo will try to draft for both the Predators at #18 and the Canucks at #25 in order to finally do the impossible. Cue the Tom Cruise music! Go out to The Canuck Way.

Bill Mayer: After finally realizing that the Pittsubrgh Penguins did actually lose to the Montreal Canadiens, and with Mellon Arnea crushed down, who will be the first Penguins pick in the new Consol Energy Era? Stay tuned to Pens Labyrinth.

Brian Harwell: The Detroit Red Wings rep will try to see if he can find the next Pavel Datsyuk or Henrik Zetterberg, except in the first round. Find out if he can pull it off at Octopus Thrower.

Tim Redinger: FanSided’s first hockey writer and the host of Rink Side Rants, Tim will try to finally lead the Buffalo Sabres into the Stanley Cup, without being cheated on by Brett Hull. Or maybe he will draft the next Brett Hull? Karma in play? Find out at Sabre Noise.

Capitals Outsider: There’s so many darn writers at that site, that they pretty much just came to a consensus. Will they try to finally make on Alex Ovechkin’s promise, or is another Swede coming to D.C.? Go down to Capitals Outsider.

Michael Landolina: After getting swept by the Hawks in the Western Final, can the Sharks finally get over that hump, and also secure the future with pick #28? It’s yours to guess, but get an inside looks at Blades of Teal.

Jeffrey Bartl: After a whirlwind and Stanley Cup parade in the Windy City, can Jeff here choose the right player to repeat or even win the Stanley Cup in the next decade. And we promise, no more Chelsea Dagger singing. Look over at Blackhawk Up.

So there you have it, all the writers participating in the first ever FanSided NHL Mock Draft. Tune in tomorrow as the actual Mock will; be revealed and see if your predictions were right! So long, boys and girls!