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Meet the Team

Dave Stevenson,Expert

Dave is the Site Expert at Puck Prose. Proud Baltimoron and Weird Al enthusiast.

Stefen Rosner,Contributor

Recent graduate of SUNY Cortland, majoring in Sport Management and minoring in Communications. Hockey fanatic.

Nick Herrera,Contributor

Army Veteran, born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Big fan of most things Colorado.

Elias Laradi,Contributor

Born and raised in Montreal in a world surrounded by sports. Played Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, and Tennis. I went to the College of Sports Media in Toronto for Sports Broadcasting for TV and Radio. Favorite teams are Montreal Canadiens, Vegas Golden Knights, New York Yankees, and Los Angeles Lakers. Used to be a Pats fan for 20 years thanks to Tom Brady and now making my transition to Tampa Bay.

Colton Pankiw,Contributor

Hi there. My name is Colton Pankiw. I grew up my whole life playing hockey, including three years of Jr. A. I started up here at Puck Prose in February, and also write for The Hockey Writers and Trade Rumours!

Justin Perez,Contributor

Hello! I’m Justin Perez. On October 5, 2020 I signed my 1-year rookie contract with Fansided. As of right now I’m a paid contributor for Puck Prose and I hope to begin my journalism career with the first sports blog I started reading at 15 years old, being Fansided. I hope to create and publish interesting articles for you readers to go through. I’m currently 18 years old living in New Jersey. I will mostly cover the Florida Panthers as they are my favorite team but I hope to write stories on other teams as well. I’m not the perfect writer and I know I will make mistakes but I hope you enjoy the content I put out anyway. Thanks and God Bless!!!

Ant Barberio,Contributor

Drinker of beer, watcher of hockey, teller of jokes. Wanna-be comedian from the great Garden State and long suffering Devils fan and Springsteen lover. If you like puns and Martin Brodeur, you've come to the right place. Monmouth University alumni

Matt McGinnis,Contributor

I am a Sport Management and Marketing senior at Robert Morris University, which is in the greater Pittsburgh area. I am a Pennsylvania native, and hockey is my passion. The Penguins come first here in western PA, but I love following and covering all teams in the NHL.

Brendan Azoff,Contributor

I am a SUNY Cortland graduate with a BS in Sport Management and a minor in Communications. I have played hockey and baseball since I was three-years-old and am a lifelong Rangers and Yankees fan. I have written for several sports websites, interning for both 12UP Sports and the Binghamton Devils. I am an aspiring sports journalist and hope to work the beat of a professional sports team.

Andrew R,Contributor

I hated hockey when I was a kid. I stopped playing when I was 12, and didn't start again for almost 10 years. When I came back to the game, I had a whole new appreciation for it - a way to connect, share some drama, and have a good time with friends.

Jasmine Yen,Contributor

Hockey is the best sport in the world and any chance to write about it is a win for me. I'm an aspiring sports journalist and I love spreading my passion to equally passionate readers. Twitter: @jasminesports Instagram: @jasminecoverssports

Richard Blosser,Contributor

A fan of the 5x SC Champions Pittsburgh Penguins AND 11 Calder Cup Champion Hershey Bears

Paige Siewert,Contributor

Lifelong Flames fan. I covered the ECHL's Kansas City Mavericks for two years while I finished earning my Digital Communications Degree at the University of Saint Mary. I am a retired college softball player that shares a passion for hockey and baseball. Sports have played a large role in my life, and continuing to be a part of the conversation is something I pursue with great passion.


Emmanuel is in his second year of covering the Montreal Canadiens for A Winning Habit. He has covered the team through post-games analyses, trade coverage and editorials. Looking to cover the sport as whole, he has now started to cover the NHL for Puck Prose.

Scott Cowan,Contributor

Been a fan of hockey pretty much my whole life. Creator of the blog 9 seconds into OT. Also dabble in creative writing and art.

Brendan Semon,Contributor

Overall big sports guy. Diehard Green Bay Packers and Chicago Blackhawks fan. Check out my other work on A Hit to the Head if you enjoy my articles here.

Alfonso Caldero,Contributor

Passionate sports fan looking to make an impact in the sports world.

Dylan Terry,Contributor

"You can curse the darkness or light a candle. The choice is yours." -Patrick Kane

John Manzo,Contributor

Hockeytown native living in Chicago. Sergei Fedorov was my spirit animal, now it's Joe Veleno. Wait for it. NHL 20 gamer on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/octopusthrwr. For craft beer junkies, follow me on IG @The.Mug.Man || Email: johnrmanzo@gmail.com

Patrick Nahhas,Contributor

An overall sports fanatic, and probably the only Coyotes fan from Pittsburgh. I love sports because of the competition and the geographical/international flavor they bring.

Thomas G,Contributor

Proud Puck Prose contributor Also, I might be a camel

Mike Roberts,Contributor

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