Best Of The NHL At FanSided-July 26


Welcome to the first edition of Best of The NHL At Fansided here at Too Many Men On The Site.  A weekly roundup of the top stories from our NHL network universe here at FanSided.  We’ll bring you the best of the best of the previous week from our NHL staff of writers.  It’s our way of making sure that you don’t miss anything!

We’ll also tell you about any changes and new additions to the sites as we are focusing on filling all our team sites with Lead Writers and adding Contributing Writers to all our sites to give you our loyal readers as much news, notes and updates as we possibly can throughout the NHL.

This will be a work in progress too.  Each week as I do this, it will probably change and improve as I get suggestions not only from our staff, but from you as well.  So without further delay let’s get started:

Paul Immerman one of our new additions at Thrasher Backer  gives us a report on the troubled and talented forward that the Thrashers acquired form the Chicago Blackhawks, Akim Aliu.  Known for disruptive behavior and tough play, seems like Akim hasn’t changed.

Causeway Crowd contributing writer Shawn Hutcheon thinks that the Boston Bruins need to make one more change.  It has to do with leadership both on and off the ice. Take a look.

I know that you’re all probably tired of the Ilya Kovalchuk saga, but Tim Redinger from Sabre Noise has his ideas on the whole issue and I think you should read it.

While I’m not here to pump myself up or give a shamless plug to my site The Rat Trick, I can’t help but make sure you get to see a post I did last week that generated alot of discussion.

It wouldn’t be fair to not let you read about Kovie from a New Jersey Devils point of view now would it?  Here’s Pucks and Pitchforks Kevin Whalen commenting on the Kovy signing.  Before the NHL stepped in!

Billy Jaffe one of the most respected television analysts in the business is not returning to his position with the New York Islanders in what turns out to be a very surprising move.  John Panarese at Eye On Isles  isn’t too pleased

Is Marion Gaborik on the trading block?  Blue Line Station’s  Mike Hirsch reacts to a story he found on the internet, proving once again that rumors are only as good as the source they came from.  Beware!

Seems like every summer the Ottawa Senators have some controversy going on.  From Ray Emery, to Jason Speza to Dany Heatly and now back to Spezza, it’s never a dull moment in Canada’s capital.  Bobby Zijiac from SenShot has the latest on Spezza as Jason tries to clear the air.

Simon Gagne actually waived his no trade clause to go to Tampa?  Yea, well Eugene Markman has a few things to say about that deal.  Check him out at Broad Street Buzz.

Interesting story from the boys at Pens Labyrinth  about Gary Roberts, jokes and baseball.  Just go read it.

The Washington Capitals have had some interesting seasons since their inception in 1973.  Ben Sumner from Capitals Outsider  wants to know what was the worst moment in their history.

Third Sweaters.  A marketing ploy of every NHL team for sure.  some we love, some we hate, and some are just blah.  Sue Lee from Ducks Daily Blog  calls them turd jerseys.  Guess you know how she feels.

Hockey in Texas.  The Dallas Stars a team that normally gets to the playoffs missed this year, and they’re going through a few changes as well.  Both on and off the ice.  Austin Waldorn from Blackout Dallas  tells us about an ownership change in the works?

Brian Harwell from Octopus Thrower  feels that the Red Wings have their own “Decision” to make.

Oil On Whyte’s  Jeff Chapman says that one of the keys for the Edmonton Oilers this year is going to be the health of winger Ales Hemsky. 

Gavin Humes from Rink Royalty  has a perfect deal for the L.A. Kings to give to young defenceman Drew Doughty.  Think the NHL will approve it?

Who is Ilya Bryzgalov?  Besides the “other” Ilya, Howlin’ Hockey’s  Monica McAlister gives us an inside look at the goaltender for the Coyotes.

David Perron recently resigned in St. Louis, a deal that Blues fans are pretty happy about.  Justine Stine at Bleedin’ Blue  covers the deal.

Changes in Vancouver were expected after they were ousted for the second season in a row by the Blackhawks.  Larenzo from the Canuck Way  thinks that other moves are coming.


Since we started this main page our network of NHL teams that had lead writers has brown considerably.  Since June we have filled the following slots with lead writers:

Atlanta Thrashers-Thrasher Backer: Lead writers- Paul Immerman and Rachel Campbell

New York Rangers-Blue Line Station: Lead Writer-Mike Hirsch

Edmonton Oilers-Oil On Whyte: Lead Writer- Jeff Chapman

Phoenix Coyotes-Howlin Hockey-Lead Writer-Monica McAlister

St. Louis Blues-Bleedin’ Blue-Lead Writers- Justine Stine and Joel Stein

We’ve also had some contributing writers come on board as well.  Michael Tomaka at Sabre Noise, Tony Mendes at SenShot, Ben Feder at Pucks and Pitchforks, and Shawn Hutcheon at Causeway Crowd, and Steve Robak will be covering fantasy hockey at Fantasy CPR as well as making contributions when he can at Octopus Thrower

I hope you enjoyed our first version of Best Of The NHL At FanSided.  Come back everyday for more exciting hockey coverage and check in again next week for the second installment of Best Of The NHL At FanSided.

Thanks for reading.

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