FanSided NHL Recap-August 9


Welcome to another weekly recap of the NHL network at FanSided Sports.  Lots ofgood links for you to check out and a few new writers have been added to our growing staff.

Let’s get started:

Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins took some swings last week at Fenway Park.  Causeway Crowd compares his size to David Ortiz. 

Never one to hold back, Tim Redinger of SabreNoise has a few choice words for the Buffalo Sabre organization. And it’s not pretty.  I feel your pain Tim.

The Heritage Classic has been announced and it will feature the Calgary Flames hosting the Montreal Canadiens in a great matchup.  A Winning Habit tells us to get our tuques ready.

Brendan Witt has been released by the New York Islanders (bought out actually), but toughness remains as Jon Sim will be returning.  Eye On Isles has the story.

Blue Line Station tells us why Gabby is Happy in the Big Apple.

SenShot  got themselves in a bloggers roundtable with some other Ottawa Senators writers.  Pretty good stuff.

Marty Turco is a lucky man.  At least accordindg to Broad Street Buzz.  I’d have to say that I agree with him!

Pens Labyrinth discusses whether or not forward Bill Guerin should be brought back or not.

Breaking down the new roster of the Tampa Bay Lightning from Bolts By The Bay.  Lots of changes and with Stevie Y at the helm, lots of optimism too.

Capitals Outsider is doing a “Know Your Caps” segment.  Can you guess who these guys are?

Ducks Daily Blog is not keen on rebuilding.  Matter of fact it kind of upsets her stomach.

Flame For Thought talks about Ian White resigning in Calgary. 

Another roundtable discussion only this time from Blackhawk Up  as he chats with some other Chicago writers.

One of our newest sites Fire That Cannon  covering the Columbus Blue Jackets takes about the frustration of only one playoff appearance in 10 years. 

A surprise signing by the Edmonton Oilers as Martin Gerber gets a two way deal.  Oil on Whyte didn’t see this coming.

Rink Royalty is putting their complete trust in Los Angeles Kings general manager Dean Lombardi.  Dean seems to be on the right track.

The Nashville Predators almost have their ownership issues resolved.  Predlines has the story.

The Phoenix Coyotes can’t seem to escape their soap opera type atmosphere.  Howlin’ Hockey  gives her opinion of the latest in the desert.

The St. Louis Blues resigned defenceman Eric Johnson.  A good move on their part as this young d-man is going to be a big part of the Blues future.  Bleedin’ Blue  has the details.

The growth of the NHL network of writers here at FanSided has continued.  This past week we have a new lead writer at our Columbus Blue Jackets site, Fire That CannonAric McFall joins us as the lead writer.  Keith Lanza has joined Blue Line Station as a contributing writer helping out Mike Hirsch at our New York Rangers site.

We are in talks with a few more writers as you read this and more additons will be made to our growing staff.

Which leaves us with one open site at this point, the Minnesota Wild.  If you would like to take that role on, please send me an email at and we can discuss it.

Thanks to all of our loyal and new readers for coming to our site.

Thanks to all of the writers from the FanSided NHL network that contribute here on a weekly basis.