FanSided NHL Recap-August 16th


Welcome to another week in review of the NHL network here at FanSided.  Even though the league itself is quiet, we certainly aren’t.  Here’s some of our best posts from last week that you may have missed.

The third in a three part series about expansion and realignment in the NHL, Sabre Noise  provides their observation of how the playoffs should be mapped out.

Are there any teams that you have to see every season?  As a season ticket holder for the Florida Panthers, here’s my piece on The Rat Trick  about my five must see games.

A Winning Habit talks about  the Men Of Summer in Montreal.

One of the finest play by play announcer’s of our time, Sam Rosen celebrated a birthday last week.  Blue Line Station  pays a nice tribute to the “voice” of New York Rangers hockey.

Speaking of play- by- play, SenShot reports on the voices of the Ottawa Senators.  In this first of a multi-part story they look at the guys behind the booth who make the calls.

Broad Street Buzz seems to think that fans across the hockey world love the Philadelphia Flyers.  He even picks on my in this rant about the Flyers love fest.

The city of Pittsburgh, known as a working class, proud city expects the same out of it’s atheltes.  Here’s Pens Labyrinth’s report on the Penguins All Blue Collar Bunch.

There’s a lot of “5” of articles going around the FanSided NHL network over the past couple weeks.  Here’s Bolts By The Bays’  list of 5 players he wants to punch!

Tired of all the Kovy talk?  Let’s not forget that Tomas Kaberle of the Toronto Maple Leafs has also been in the news lately either.  Here’s Editor In Leaf  wondering where, if anywhere, Tomas goes.

Capitals Outsider has been giving some history lesson’s lately on former Caps players.  Here’s a nice tribute to the late John Kordic.

Fire That Cannon seems to be making a very strong pitch for Tomas Kaberle to come to the Columbus Blue Jackets.  A defenceman that could really change their image, but do they have what Brian Burke wants?

Can the Dallas Stars get back into the playoffs after missing last season?  With a new goalie and some other changes, Blackout Dallas seems to think……Just read for yourself.

Oil On Whyte takes us back a bit in Edmonton Oiler history.  Reviewing the first three captains of the team, you’ll be surprised by some of the names that were mentioned.

Rink Royalty has a very candid opinion of Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Tomas Kaberle.  This was before it was determined that Kaberle wasn’t being traded.

NHL vs. NFL.  A viewpoint of how the preseason relates to both leagues by Predlines, our Nashville Predators site.

NHL 2K 11 is on tour.  Maybe coming to a city near you!  Howlin Hockey talks, or should I say barks it up!

In another “5” article, Bleedin Blue  takes a look at the five teams he hates.  Nice list, and I would have to say that there’s a bit of “hate” in most of them for me too, except for number three!

Additions:  As we are getting closer to the start of training camp, we here at FanSided are continuing to build staffs at each of our respective NHL sites.  We’ve experienced some significant growth this summer and are still working at it.

This past week,Nick Everson has joined us as a contributing writer at our San Jose Sharks site, Blades Of Teal.  Welcome aboard Nick.

That leaves us with the Minnesota Wild as the last site left for us to fill with a lead writer, or co-lead writers.  If that’s something that you’re interested in, please contact me at

One last thing, and this has zero to do with hockey.

My business partner’s son is trying to live his lifelong dream of becoming a pro football player.  Tonight on ESPN as the New York Giants play the New York Jets,  Michael Greco will be wearing number  41 for the New York Giants.  He’s been playing safety but don’t be surprised if he ends up at tight end for a few plays.  Cheer him on.  I’ve known Michael since he was about 7 years old, and no one deserves this chance more than he does!

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