FanSided NHL Recap-September 13th


The end is near. The end of the off season that is! Rookie camps have opened and veterans are starting to arrive in camp if they already haven’t. Even though there’s no action or games to report on, we certainly have enough newsworthy items to make sure you read. And I’m not even talking about Dan Ellis and “Twitter”, Ilya Kovalchuk and his contract, or why Tyler Arnason is getting a tryout in Florida.

Here’s some of the top stories from the FanSided NHL writing team from last week.

In the second part of his review of team captains with the Sabres, Tim Redinger at Sabre Noise takes a look at the leaders in Buffalo from the ’80’s.

Cardiac Cane announced their Fan Podcast called The Storm Report Podcast.  All Hurricane fans should make sure that they check it out.

A Winning Habit makes his Eastern Conference predictions.  Generous to some, not so much to others.

The New York Islanders made some strides last year.  Are they an up and coming team?  Or are they still in a growing phase. Eye On Isles gives his view.

The life of a coach in the NHL is usually short-lived and can involve many different stops.  Blue Line Station tells us about John Tortorella and what he can bring to the table.  Before he wears out his welcome.

I’m so glad that Sidney Crosby is disliked by others besides me.  Broad Street Buzz includes Sid along with some other players that he’s not to fond of.

The Penguins aren’t a lock to advance to the Stanley Cup Final even with two very talented forwards and a pretty solid goaltender.  Pens Labyrinth has five questions about the upcoming season.

Editor In Leaf has part two of the game plan to improve the Leafs.  Not sure about you, but many people are going to be surprised by the Leafs this year.  Just a hunch.

Blackhawk Up talks about the loss of goaltender Antti Niemi.  Makes the comparison to losing Nikolai Khabibulin and Martin Havlat. Two players that were ultimately replaced without missing a beat.

Blackout Dallas breaks down another segment of the Dallas Stars.  This time he looks at the forwards.

Octopus Thrower has some links about the Detroit Red Wings as well as some words about Ken Holland.

Ex Oiler captain Jason Smith was involved in some domestic trouble last week. Oil On Whyte hopes it’s  not true.

In a very heart warming, and thoughtful post, Gone Puck Wild pays tribute to her father.  A great story that you need to read.

Every Tuesday Predlines breaks down the other teams in the Central Division of the Western Conference.  Make sure you check it out weekly!

Howlin’ Hockey asks us “Are You Really Social”?  Interesting take on what’s going on out there and how it can affect you once you hit the “enter” or “send” button.

The St. Louis Blues have picked the leaders for their team this year.  Bleedin’ Blue tells you who’s Captain, and who’s assisting.

That wraps it up for this week.  Join us all week long for continuing coverage of the NHL.  Come back next Monday and every Monday as we bring you the best of FanSided’s NHL team of writers.

You can catch me daily at The Rat Trick as I cover or should I say, pick apart the Florida Panthers.

Thanks for reading.