The Best Of FanSided’s NHL Network 2010


The 2010 calender year has come to a close and what a year it’s been here for us at FanSided.  A growing network covering all major sports as well as many others, but in particular the growth of our NHL network.  When I first came to FanSided there were less than 10 NHL teams represented.  With the hard work of Adam and Zach Best, our terrific site owners, Jeff Bartl who was our NHL director before me, as he has since gone on to handle duties with our College network as well as some other tasks, myself and many of our writers.  We are fully represented, and yet still growing.

Thanks to you our loyal readers and fans for coming to our sites as often as you do.  I know that I speak for everyone of our writers when I say thank you for visiting us.  Keep coming back, as we will continue to provide you with the type of coverage that you our fans have enjoyed up to now.

This site in particular was put together in June of 2010 and has come on very strong, as we continue to tweak the staff of Too Many Men on The Site.  We’ll continue doing that, giving you the best of our best on a daily basis.  That said, I have been able obtain some of our writers best work for 2010.  Their most interesting piece of writing, and what they felt would be interesting to you, in case you missed it the first time.  Enjoy the articles and please keep coming back in 2011.

Much ado about nothing was the status quo over the off season, unless you wanted to pine daily over the latest in the Kovalchuck soap opera, and Tim Redinger over at Sabre Noise spent his summer expanding and realigning the NHL  to look more geographic to promote regionally rivalries, as well as bring some history back into the game.  Check out his series in 3 parts – Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Contrary to popular belief, most of the ice girls Susan Lee has met on various teams are college students having some fun, earning a couple of bucks and creating a bit of celebrity for themselves.  She says good for them, use it while you’ve got it.  One of the best hockey writers around is Helene Elliott at the Los Angeles Times – who just happens to be in the Hall of Fame.  As long as Ice Girls aren’t just cheerleaders or eye candy, Sue will support them.  Ducks Daily Blog.

Rick Keene from A Winning Habit is a die hard Habs fan and loves the tradition not only of the Montreal Canadiens, but of the game itself.  Here’s his Top Twenty Quotes and How to Improve the Game.

Blades of Teal writer Steve Williams thinks that Ottawa should erect a statue to Dany Heatley.

Eugene Markman from Broad Street Buzz has a few things to say about officials.

The Rat Trick is fortunate to have 3 writers on it’s staff, and it was tough for me to pick my favourites, but here’s one from me, and my other two writers, Dave Lasseter and Josh Luecht.

John Panarese from Eye on Isles wrote an article from his perspective and how he sees the game of hockey.  This article caught national attention including Ted Leonsis from the Washington Capitals.  If you didn’t read it the fist time, you must read it now.

The Toronto Maple Leafs writer Myles Robinson from Editor In Leaf put together his All Decade Team with Mats Sundin and Curtis Joseph as the headliners.  See if you agree with the rest.

Our parents play a special role in our lives as I’m sure you can all agree with.  Nikkole Donovan from Gone Puck Wild has some very special memories of her father that she shared earlier this year.  This was one of those special stories of the year from FanSided.  Thanks for sharing Nikkole.

Held by gun point, one of our newest writers forced, ok, bought me enough drinks and begged me to pick from three of her selections.  Mary had a tough day, actually more comical than tough, when she sent me her suggestions, and maybe some day you’ll hear about it.  So to make her feel better, I picked two.  We can all connect to this.  Of course this one is something that’s near and dear to all of us respectively.

Ben Sumner from Capitals Outsider describes the fun involved in filming a Geico Commercial.

Ever win a sweater from your favourite player and team?  Austin Waldron from Blackout Dallas did.  Here’s his story in two parts.  One, two.

Finally the NHL lost one of it’s most beloved people recently.  Pat Burns passed away from his long and courageous battle with cancer.  A truly special person who will be missed, but will always be remembered for how he touched our lives.  Shawn Hutcheon from Causeway Crowd reminds us of the passion in Pat Burns.

Thank you for reading, and for your continued support of this site.

Happy New Year to all our readers.  We wish you all the best in 2011.  Tell your friends about us!