Recap: USA Hockey Shoot’s Down Team Russia



Russia 2 S/O

This morning USA hockey took on the Russian team, and the game was nothing shot of outstanding. The fast skating Russians put their wide open game up agents the North

American’s more physical style. In a battle between East vs. West ;the boys from the USA were victorious.

1st Period: The period was filled with hits, and great skating. The Olympic Games are not know for scrums, but there was a big scrum early in the period. I believe it set the tone for the rest of the game. Blake Wheeler took a penalty at the 9:32 mark. While Russia keep the pressure on they were unable to break down the penalty kill of USA. The American defense held their box together and stopped Russia from getting a clean look at the goal. While the American were able to play with the Russians for the first half of the period; Russia did start to take control in the second half of the period. It wasn’t until the end of the first period that USA Hockey was able to put on pressure, the problem m was there was only .36 left on the clock.

Shots On Goal

USA 10

Russia 13

2nd Period: Russia continued to try to stretch out the U.S team but was unable to do so. The United Stats defense was able to take some control of the neutral zone, frustrating the Russian players. During the first five minutes of the period you could see the North America game creeping into the contest, but that didn’t last very long. Only five minutes in USA took a penalty. Russia’s power play was all over the place. They were able to push the American around. But, due to hitting two goal posts the score remained 0-0.  Russia finally scored at the 10:45 mark, Pavel Datsyuk puts the Russians up 1-0. As expected the wider ice was a reason in the goal. About six minutes later the Cam Fowler tied the game during a USA power play.


Russia 1

3rd Period: Russia started the period a little off their game, USA was able to shut down their power play. The blue-collar play of the Americans was keeping them in the game. The play went back and forth both teams pushing the other to the brink. Finally at 10:33 in the this Joe Pavelski broke the tie on a U.S power play. It was clear at this point that the American defense and face-off wins were a major factor in the game. Russia was able to tie the game on the power play making it 2-2. With 4:4o left in the third period Russia scored what looked to be the go ahead goal. However after review the goal was call-off; there was no announcement about why. NBC Sports has a camera angle that showed the U.S. net was off. Unlike the NHL game a goal can not be scored if the net is shifted at all.


Russia 2

Over Time/ Shout-Out: After some back and forth play during the over time period, Patrick Kane has two great chance to win the game, but was unable to cash in. Russia did not pressure much during the period.

Moving on to the shout-out. It took eight rounds to finally decide this game, but in the end the American took Down Russia. Scoring 4/8 times. T. J.Oshie took over the second half of the shout out for the Americans.

My Thoughts: This was Olympic hockey at it’s best. The game hard hits, and a great flow. While there were some missed calls and some bad called the officials didn’t control the game. Both teams showed they can play, and adapt to any style of hockey. I’ve watched a lot of games so far, and by far this is the best one I’ve seen .