NHL Jerseys Should Go Retro For A Season

There is but one score and six days left until the March 2nd NHL Trade Deadline. And if you’re a hockey fan, you’ve already been inundated with an endless parade of rumors and predictions (AKA, ‘guesses’) marching through your various social media feeds. So let’s take a break and ponder something fun; namely that I think the NHL should go with retro jerseys for an entire season.

For one full year, every NHL team should be required to wear nothing but throwback NHL jerseys.

The only stipulations being that they cannot be anything from a team’s current home, road and 3rd jerseys, and it cannot be a sweater that was created specifically for one of the outdoor games that have been played over the past few years.

Just stop and think about how cool this would be. It’d be a year-long showcase of NHL history. It would also give thousands of fans who never had the chance to see their team, and others, skate in threads they’ve only glimpsed in old game programs, YouTube highlight reels or ancient flashback games local stations sometimes telecast in the summer months.

Now imagine the possibilities with an entire season of this.

Here are just a few cool match-ups you might see over a season:

– Calgary, wearing the old Atlanta Flames uniforms, playing the Winnipeg Jets wearing their old Atlanta Thrashers jerseys

– The New Jersey Devils donning their Colorado Rockies uniforms in Denver to face-off with the Colorado Avalanche, who would be all decked out in their original powder-blue, or bleu, Quebec Nordiques gear

-The New Jersey Devils going back even further to wear their Kansas City Scouts jerseys to go play the St. Louis Blues in a faux Missouri rivalry game

– In a nod to the old WHA, the Phoenix Coyotes sporting its original ‘Teemu Selanne-esque’ Winnipeg Jets sweaters to play Carolina in its green Hartford Whalers jerseys

– Dallas visiting St. Paul to play the Minnesota Wild in Minnesota North Stars sweaters

– The Vancouver Canucks in their fluorescent yellow ‘V’ uniforms skating with the Los Angeles Kings in their purple and gold get-up.

We might also see the return of:

– That trumpet thing the Blues wore

– The Buffalo Sabres demon goat-head

– LA’s “Burger King(s)” jerseys

– Arizona’s initial colorful, well, I guess you’d call them ‘Franken-Coyote monster’ sweaters

– The New York Islanders irked-mariner logo; “Gorton’s Fisherman” is so overused

Honestly, how cool would a whole season like this be? And after it ends the NHL could auction off all of them for charity.

Look, I’ll say it: The “Original 6” aspect of the NHL is way overdone. Aside from Chicago and maybe Montreal, their sweaters are boring and are today still close to what they’ve always worn anyway.

In fact, the Rangers and Bruins logos look like they were completed within 30 seconds after they were commissioned.

We’ve all heard it before; sports are all about fun. So c’mon, NHL. Make some upcoming season fun by trying something new and different by using what’s old and familiar.