Was The Original San Jose Sharks Logo Hungry For Penguin?


There might be more to the original San Jose Sharks logo than we thought!

A user on the Sportslogos.net message boards offered up an interesting theory regarding the original San Jose Sharks logo. And while at first glance it may seem a bit of a stretch, I really hope it is true.

If you recall, the San Jose Sharks made their NHL debut as an expansion franchise for the 1991-92 NHL season.

The Pittsburgh Penguins had won their first Stanley Cup a season prior. This is the pre-“Robo Pigeon” era for Pittsburgh Penguins uniforms, when they still featured the skating Penguin logo and the proper shade of gold (finally restored in this year’s third jersey).

That logo looked like this:

Courtesy of Sportslogos.net

The Sharks brought teal to the NHL, as well as the 90s trend of angry animals biting hockey sticks:

Courtesy of Sportslogos.net

Both logos featured a triangle in the background of the crest (something that has more symbolism in Pittsburgh) and animals interacting with hockey equipment.

However, what if the shark in the Sharks logo has jumped into the Penguins logo, eating the reigning Stanley Cup Champion and snapping the stick in half?

Like I said, it’s a stretch, but what a great way to send a message to the defending Stanley Cup Champions that a new team is arriving. Unfortunately any hidden symbolism in the logo wouldn’t carry over to the Sharks performance on the ice. They finished 6th in the Smythe Division (missing the playoffs), while the Penguins went on to win a second consecutive Stanley Cup.

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