Patrick Kane Trade Rumors Are Disgusting


Patrick Kane has been in the news quite a bit lately for all the wrong reasons.  Today was different and only slightly less disturbing.  It seems there are five teams that have called the Chicago Blackhawks about possibly trading for Patrick Kane.

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Normally trading for a player isn’t news.  Particularly in the offseason it’s what people like me write about.  Who is getting traded where and, sometimes, whom shouldn’t be getting traded anywhere.  It’s what makes writing about the NHL so much fun.  We get to put on our fantasy GM hats sometimes and go to work.

The rumors about Patrick Kane being a trade target are disturbing on a level I have trouble putting into words.  Patrick Kane remains the subject of a very serious investigation.  I am not here to say what he did or didn’t do.  What happens to Patrick Kane will be determined by law officers and lawyers and that deserves to play out for the sake of both sides involved and finding the truth, whatever that is.

It hasn’t been figured out yet.  In spite of that there are five GM’s whom have contacted Stan Bowman about trading for Patrick Kane.  The same player whom is the subject of an active and very serious investigation.

Is there some reason these GM’s couldn’t wait until Patrick Kane was finished with his legal issues?  This is a player who, in one month, could be back on the ice.  On the other extreme he may never lace up a pair of skates again.  The investigation is still going on and easily could be for a long time.

I understand teams looking to take advantage of each other to make themselves better.  That’s part of the competitive nature of sports.  But if I’m an NHL GM, there is NO WAY I am picking up the phone to talk about Patrick Kane.  Not today.

Not until the investigation is over.  If it’s true Patrick Kane was on thin ice for his earlier issues, the Blackhawks will be done with him no matter what.  If Kane is charged, the trial plays out over several months.  If he isn’t, the Blackhawks are free to trade him sooner.

Taking it a step further, I think any general manager that had the nerve to call the Blackhawks about trading for Patrick Kane should be fired.  Immediately.  If that includes Tim Murray of Kane’s hometown Buffalo Sabres, the team I so passionately root for, then so be it.

It’s one thing to trade for or sign a player with a history.  Sports are famous (infamous?) for giving second chances to good players.  Patrick Kane is certainly that on the ice.  To look into making that trade before this issue is resolved is vile.  It’s a slap in the face to the alleged victim.

This is still just a game.  Things happen that are more important than on-ice performance, trade value or the league itself.  This is one of them.  GM’s need to hang up the phone and let this process play out.  Both Patrick Kane and the alleged victim deserve that.

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