NHL Alumni: 6 Players Holding on in AHL

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Sometimes NHL-ers Get Waived and Claimed. Other Times NHL-ers Get Waived and Sent AHL Bound. Here Are Five NHL Alumni Who Are Holding Onto Their NHL Glory in the AHL.

With Mike Ribeiro clearing waivers and being sent to the Nashville Predators AHL affiliate team on February 4th, he joins a list of players who have once made headlines at the NHL level but have since fallen from grace.

The AHL rosters are full of journeymen as well as some exciting names that are getting ready to make their debut in the big leagues.The true gems are the players that bring about those “Oh yeah, this guy!”, moments.

When some of the bigger names from yesteryear go missing, it can be assumed they went overseas. However, this isn’t always the case.

Whether they were popular for the right or wrong reasons, here’s a list of players that you may not have known are taking shifts in the minor leagues