Philadelphia Flyers: 3 Things That Must Happen to Get Better


How can the Philadelphia Flyers save their season in the midst of a horrible losing streak?

Before analyzing their play over the last few games, it’s important to recognize some key points. Firstly, the Philadelphia Flyers aren’t a powerhouse team and weren’t expected to be coming into this season. The bar wasn’t set extremely high, either, for this reason.

Secondly, their system has remained rather similar for the past few two seasons. This is likely because they haven’t had a coaching change despite their recent troubles. Their roster hasn’t changed drastically either over the course of a few years. Expecting the same system to work in a new NHL will never produce fruitful results.

As always, though, there is no way to pinpoint one thing alone as the problem. Coaches and players must work together as a solid team. Here are three things they’ll have to do if they want to save their season.

1. Stop Giving Up Leads

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This one goes without saying at this point. However, there are a few reasons why this seems to keep reoccurring for them.

One is a lack of energy. After two periods of play, the Flyers record their most shots on goal and expend their energy in the offensive zone, where they seem to thrive most.

During third periods, they’re forced to face an onslaught of shots from the opposition in an attempt to tie the game. And because they’re an offensive-based team, they have trouble playing defense for twenty minutes straight.

So how can they stop giving up leads? They’ll need to work on spreading out their energy throughout the game instead of focusing it on the first part only. They’ll also need to fix…

2. The Defense

Speaking of things they need to fix, to not put their defense in its own category would be a crime. The only way to explain its inefficiency is to watch and analyze.

Let’s start with their game on 11/24/17 against the Islanders. Check out the times 2:55 and 3:05 to see the (lack of) defensive coverage.

Not being in position is the main problem for the Flyers recently. It appears that there’s a lack of communication between the players to come up with a set play. Once they figure this out, they should start to look sharper in their own end.

3. Focus and Consistency

As previously mentioned, this team started out well. However, they seem to have lost focus. And there’s only one way to gain that back.

Look up. That’s all they need to do to realize that their current play isn’t going to be enough to propel them ahead in the hardest division in the NHL. Currently, they are towards the bottom of the standings with no games in hand.

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If they want a chance to turn their season around, they’ll need to do it now. Before it’s too late.