Philadelphia Flyers: Momentum Ride Will Make for Exciting Playoffs

COLUMBUS, OH - FEBRUARY 16: Sean Couturier
COLUMBUS, OH - FEBRUARY 16: Sean Couturier /

After the Eagles’ SuperBowl win, the Philadelphia Flyers are riding the momentum of their city. And combined with their speed and skill, it should make for an exciting playoff series.

The Philadelphia Flyers got off to a sub-optimal start this season. It was even rumored head coach Dave Hakstol’s job was on the line. No one would have thought they would be flying the way they are right now. So what changed? Was it simply a momentum boost?

It couldn’t have been only that because the Flyers have been playing well for a while now. They may not look as strong as the Pittsburgh Penguins, but they’re playing in the same style as them. And at the right time.

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The Penguins started playing poorly in the middle of the season, but NHL analysts said that they wouldn’t count them out just yet. They had proven in the past that they knew how to up their game at the most important part of the season.

With the Flyers, there’s nothing that said they were going to be successful. There was no reason to believe they were going to be as good as they are now.

How Far Can It Take Them?

However, the sky appears to be the limit for this young and developing team. They have just enough veteran leadership, and when combined with their young core, it appears to be that there’s nothing stopping them from having a good run.

The momentum boost was exactly what they needed to keep themselves in solid condition. Is it plausible that they can keep it up all the way into April? There’s no evidence that suggests they’ll be able to.

The team’s unforeseen momentum is a perfect example of the fact that this season’s success has been unexpected for them. And while there’s nothing that says momentum can be enough for this roster specifically, there have been many other instances across the league that spark teams to do well.

The Momentum Examples:

The Ottawa Senators were surely playing with momentum last year.  Goaltender Craig Anderson came back after time off that he spent with his wife who was suffering from cancer, and the Senators made it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

In 2014, the New York Rangers’ Martin St. Louis lost his mother right before Mother’s Day. The team came back from 3-1 down against Pittsburgh, and they reached the Stanley Cup Finals.

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The Eagles’ winning is different yet the same for this Flyers’ team. They now have something that can carry their team if they let it. Of course, only time will tell what will happen in the battleground that is the Stanley Cup Playoffs.