Washington Capitals: Counting down Alex Ovechkin’s top 8 goals

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7. End to End to End The Game

Alex Ovechkin, believe it or not, is the NHL’s career leader in overtime goals. Obviously, the era during which he has played has given him a ton of opportunities to score past regulation. But still, anytime you’re the NHL’s career leader in something, you’re doing something right.

There had to be at least one overtime winner on this list. My favorite one is one I actually got to see live. It came against the Rangers. Following two brilliant saves from Braden Holtby, Ovechkin got the puck and said, “screw you guys, I’m doing this myself”.

Most of Ovi’s goals involve The Great Eight touching the puck for less than a second. This one, however, highlights just how great Ovechkin is. He’s like an 18-wheeler when he gets going. Ovechkin can also puck handle very well, though he rarely shows it off.

The Great Eight has 29 goals against the Rangers in 50 career games (0.58 goals per game). If Ovechkin sustained this pace during an 82 game season, he’d end with 47.5 goals. That’s just above his goals per season average of 46.15 and those 29 goals are his ninth-most against any franchise.

This is the final time the Rangers will show up on this list, so let’s close it with another classic.