Washington Capitals: Counting down Alex Ovechkin’s top 8 goals

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Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin
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4 Through 2: Dueling Hat Tricks

Alex Ovechkin has a reputation for being a playoff choker. That’s a simply asinine suggestion because he has the third highest goals per game average among active players and has roughly the same points per game ratio as Phil Kessel.

The next time someone tells you Ovechkin chokes in the postseason, enlighten the uninformed person about that time Ovi and Sidney Crosby both scored hat tricks. This happened back in the 2009 Eastern Conference Semifinals. It was the height of the Ovi vs. Crosby rivalry.

Ovechkin and Sid The Kid bring out the best in each other. It feels like every time they play, both have a huge impact on the game. Their rivalry has been around since before they were drafted, as they were junior hockey rivals before joining the NHL.

Even if you’re a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, the dueling hat tricks have to be near the top of your most unforgettable moments as a sports fan. Watching two of the best players ever play a game of “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” is always fun.

Unfortunately, Ovechkin and the Capitals lost to the Penguins. This has been the story of Ovi’s career, and Crosby’s as well.