Washington Capitals: Counting down Alex Ovechkin’s top 8 goals

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Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin
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1. “The Goal”

When you think of Alex Ovechkin, there’s one moment that sticks out. In his rookie season, Ovi was one of the most dominant rookies the NHL has ever seen. It takes a lot to impress someone who scored 894 goals during the regular season. But Ovechkin did just that by scoring while falling down.

I don’t know what’s more hilarious – the goal, Ovechkin’s reaction once he realized he scored, or Gretzky (then the Coyotes head coach) staring at the jumbotron to catch the replay. Ovi has scored 600 goals and this one is still his most impressive 12 years later.

But this wasn’t the only time Ovechkin pulled the “scoring while falling” trick out of his playbook. Oh no. Let’s remember two other times when he did. The first time came against the Montreal Canadiens.

This one was similar to the first, except Ovechkin got bored and decided to throw in an off-the-boards pass to himself while doing a 360. No big deal. The second time came against the New Jersey Devils.

His third falling goal is extremely impressive. But just like most Hollywood movies, the original one is better than the sequels. There are so many other goals I could have included. I could have done a top 50 and still felt like I left some off.

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