NHL Power Rankings: Remembering the ugliest jerseys in history

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Over NHL history, lots of teams had put out less than stellar uniforms. This week’s NHL power rankings looks back at the ugliest in history.

In the past, we’ve looked at each team’s best, most iconic jersey they’ve ever worn. It was a fun trip through time where we saw the best that jersey designers had to offer. There were lots of great jerseys in history, where teams were looking their best at the best times each team has had. We’re going to be looking at the opposite end of the spectrum in this week’s NHL Power Rankings.

For every good jersey, we’ve seen a jersey that makes us scratch our heads. We have weird logos and questionable designs. We have long pants, and whatever the heck happened in the mid 90’s. Some of these infamous sweaters even have their own nicknames, which tells you that it’s some kinda terrible.

This post will be in the title belt format. One jersey holds the crown until another one takes the cake. Mind you, this is not a title they intended to hold when they unveiled their jersey to the hockey world.

We will be looking at many teams that no longer exist. Don’t worry, all information is correct, so before you ask yourself if there actually was a team called the Cleveland Barons in the NHL, yes there was, all teams mentioned here existed at one point.

For all images, we will be using pictures from nhluniforms.com, a great site that is a database for all teams’ jerseys throughout the year, documenting every single change over the years, down to number fonts and sock patterns. Check them out, it’s a great site for hockey history.

Without further ado, it’s time to look at some of the ugliest sweaters the NHL has ever seen.

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