NHL trade rumors: One player each team should trade

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nhl trade rumors

Photo by Patrick Gorski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As the NHL trade deadline approaches, you’re sure to hear a lot of NHL trade rumors. Here’s a look at one player on each team who could be moved.

This season, the NHL trade deadline falls on February 24. With the deadline roughly a month away, you’re going to start hearing a ton of NHL trade rumors. Teams are going to be looking to add potential missing pieces to their Stanley Cup puzzles. There are also going to be teams who might provide that missing piece.

Usually, the trade deadline is fairly predictable. The best teams will give up a prospect and maybe a pick to other teams for the best rental players on the market. However, it’s going to be way more complicated for teams to improve at the trade deadline this season.

This stems from the salary cap situation. Just about every contender is pretty tight against the salary cap. Ergo, they’ll probably have to trade a roster player to create some cap space.

This should make for some interesting discussions at the trade deadline approaches, and it might even mean we’ll get to see some three-way trades, with a third party retaining salary on a player or even taking on a contract.

The NHL is famous for its parity, and this season is no different. Just take a look at the Pacific Division, where, entering January 20, first and fourth place are separated by just one point.

Furthermore, the Atlantic Division is the only division in which first and third place are separated by more than 10 points. So I don’t believe a lack of cap space among contenders will affect business that much. It’ll probably just make things a bit more interesting.

As the deadline approaches, teams are going to have to potentially make some tough decisions and players are going to have to get used to new homes. Here’s a look at the one player on each team who should be moved, whether it’s to improve their present or their future.

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