NHL Rumors: Seattle expansion NHL team will be called Kraken

After months of speculation,  according to the latest NHL rumors, Seattle’s NHL team might have its name. Even if it’s unconfirmed, I kind of like it.

The Vegas Golden Knights will be the NHL’s newest kid on the block for just a little while longer before Seattle becomes the league’s 32nd franchise. Before any players hit the ice, before any players are chosen, even before any jerseys are sold, this new team needs a name. According to the latest NHL rumors, the name might have been leaked.

According to Russian Machine Never Breaks, an SXM NHL Network Radio interview revealed the new name of the franchise to be the Seattle Kraken. It’s not “Krakens”, as in plural, but the singular “Kraken”, much like the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Granted nothing has been confirmed or approved, but John Hoven who broke the news on the radio network seemed pretty confident the name choice was there to stay.

The name “Kraken” conjures up images of the mythical sea creature who was basically a giant and destructive octopus. While not something specific to Seattle it is intimidating nonetheless. Although it puts any potential mascot to draw a comparison to the infamous thrown octopi of the Detroit Red Wings. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s giving me flashbacks to those New York Islanders fisherman jerseys as well.

Before this season team CEO Tod Leiweke said that the team’s nickname could be revealed around the NHL All-Star Game. The NHL All-Star game has gone and passed this past weekend in St. Louis with no mention of the name, until now. Although the leak times up with Leiweke’s prediction and timetable, that might not be by choice. Leiweke also never specified if the team’ official name, or just nickname, were going to be released around the All-Star Game.

Immediate fan reaction seems divided. Some were hoping for the Seattle Totems, the name shared by a former Central Hockey League team and the current junior team in the area. Some jokingly hoped for a more PG-13 rated nickname. Some, including Hoven who broke the news, were hoping for the Seattle Sockeyes.

There is one very interesting thing behind the potential Kraken choice. The Kraken made an appearance in the Pirates of the Caribbean series of films. Who produced the Pirates of the Caribbean films? Why that would be famous Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer. And what NHL team does Jerry Bruckheimer have an ownership share in? Why yes, that would be this very Seattle team.

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The Kraken name is fitting for a hockey team, especially in a maritime locale like Seattle. It may not be the best team name ever, but then again “Golden Knights” didn’t turn that many heads at first either. The team will be defined by their performance on the ice, not the name on their jersey. Even if they don’t live up the hype, “Seattle Kraken” has got a nice ring to it.

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