Why the NHL’s Stanley Cup is the greatest trophy in all of sports

The Super Bowl just ended this past weekend, and that game had me thinking about one thing, the Stanley Cup. The NHL’s Stanley Cup is the best trophy in all of sports.

Trying to talk about what makes the Stanley Cup the best trophy in all of sports is a harder thing to do than one would think. When putting the major sports trophies next to each other they all look rather great, but the NHL’s Stanley Cup stands out from all the rest.

The Stanley Cup is the only trophy that is truly one of a kind. While there are a few replicas with older rings of past championships in the hockey hall of fame, there is only one Cup presented year in and year out. The Stanley Cup that the Chicago Blackhawks won at the beginning of the decade in 2010 is the same as the one the new champion will host this June.

Being one of a kind sets this trophy apart from all the rest, especially when you look at it. These players are playing one of the toughest games in all of sports just to have one day with a trophy, a ring on their finger, and their name edged into the side of it.

Countless NHL greats have their name on the Stanley Cup, and it connects the greats of the past to the greats of today. In order to win the Cup, it takes more work than any other sport as well.

The NFL has 16 games during their regular season. It takes 16 games to win the Stanley Cup in the playoffs. Four grueling series against four opponents out to get the same trophy as you.

This trophy is truly set apart from any other. The amount of work it takes to win it alone showcases the grit of these players and the greatness of this trophy. That amount of work is not seen in any other league.

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, but they only had to play three games to win it because of a buy-in their schedule. They also got a week off in between games and two weeks for the Super Bowl. In the NHL these teams will play every other night in a best of seven games series.

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That type of playoff hockey is amazing, and I just can’t wait to get it back again.
I think we can all agree that the Stanley Cup trophy is the best, who do you think will be hoisting it this Spring?

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