Edmonton Oilers: Connor McDavid out 2 to 3 weeks with quad injury

Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid is out for 2-3 weeks after sustaining a quad injury against the Nashville Predators.

The Edmonton Oilers got some very bad news on Tuesday, as it was announced Connor McDavid will miss the next two to three weeks due to a quad injury. He suffered that injury on Saturday against the Nashville Predators.

The initial diagnosis was a bruised knee which then lead to an official diagnosis of a quad injury. McDavid notes that he just, “banged it,” and noticed the swelling and redness, on Monday.

This is a massive blow to the Edmonton Oilers as McDavid carries the brunt of the burden. They’re currently three points behind the first-place Vancouver Canucks. Losing the key component to your success is a major blow as the push for the playoffs tightens.

The 23-year-old is having yet another stellar season. In 55 games, he’s sitting pretty with 81 points, including 30 goals and 51 assists.

Edmonton is seeing success for the first time in years. The last time they made the playoffs was back in 2017, ending an eleven-year drought. The team hasn’t seen stability and it appears that this year there is a cohesive unit on the ice and around the organization. Is there finally life and stability after the storm of Peter Chiarelli left town?

Fans aren’t screaming for the Oilers captain to be saved from the chaos of Alberta. He has talented players on his team who can help carry the weight, maybe not a lot, but having a supporting role is better than none.

If out three weeks, that puts him returning on March 3rd. McDavid would miss 11 games and that’s IF he can play against the Dallas Stars that day. It was made clear that this is the normal timetable for an injury of that stature. Then again, Connor McDavid isn’t exactly human so he could return sooner.

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It’s important to note that this injury is NOT related to the knee injury he sustained last season. McDavid tore his cruciate ligament, meniscus ( knee cap ) and had a cracked tibia.

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