Calgary Flames: Top 3 questions that remain to be answered in 2020

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Interim head coach Geoff Ward, Calgary Flames (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

The Calgary Flames have had tons of questions to deal with this season while providing few answers. Here are their three big questions that still need answers.

The Calgary Flames were one of the best teams in the NHL during the 2018-19 season. However, they got upset by the Colorado Avalanche in five games in the first round. After a summer that saw very few changes other than the Milan Lucic for James Neal trade, the Flames were expected to at least contend for the Pacific Division title.

Instead, they’ve had a season defined by hills and valleys with very few plateaus. It took them until mid-November to pull off a streak of more than three consecutive wins or losses. The Flames have had four losing streaks of at least three games and four winning streaks of at least three games.

Currently, the Flames are waiting to see if the rest of the regular season (or playoffs) will be played. They have a record of 36-27-7, good for 79 points, which is four points shy of the Edmonton Oilers in second place and seven points shy of the Vegas Golden Knights in first. However, if the postseason teams were determined by point percentage, the Flames would be the eighth seed in the Western Conference.

No matter how this season ends for the Flames, they’re going to have numerous questions to answer during the offseason. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Who’s The Coach?

The Flames fired head coach Bill Peters back in November after allegations of abuse and racism were made public. Geoff Ward has done an adequate job replacing him, leading the Flames to the ninth-best point percentage in the NHL since taking over.

On the other hand, a dive into their underlying numbers shows the Flames aren’t actually playing that well as far as possession. Their only increase from Peters to Ward is in 5v5 goals for percentage.

Now, Ward’s only their interim head coach. And though the Flames’ underlying numbers are weak under him, he’s getting them to win games. Ultimately, that means a lot in the NHL. Before the Flames can move onto the other questions, the first one they must answer is who will be in charge behind the bench after the season’s over.

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