Ranking the Reverse Retro jerseys in the Pacific Division

Mandatory Credit: Ian Tomlinson /Allsport
Mandatory Credit: Ian Tomlinson /Allsport /
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6. team. 120. . . . San Jose Sharks

First and foremost, I want to get this out of the way: I think the San Jose Sharks may have the coolest logo in the NHL.

It’s perfectly retro without being dated, and the kind of vintage staple I explicitly seak out while thrifting. I live in Pennsylvania, so nothing yet, but maybe one day I’ll finally find one.

With that being said, this jersey is just okay.

Sure, that beautiful, perfect logo is still there, but it’s sitting on a rather meh grey jersey with only minor color breaks on the sleaves and at the bottom. Had the Sharks gone full-on 90s a la their neighbors over in Arizona, this might have been a real contender for the number one spot, but instead, it’s a middle-of-the-pack option for Sharks fans looking to add some new color to their wardrobe. And as for me? Well, my search continues.

. . . Vancouver Canucks. 5. team. 104

The Vancouver Canucks jersey is exactly what I was hoping to see from the San Jose Sharks. It’s colorful, bold, and features a wonderful two-tone fade the likes of which you see on jerseys far too infrequently across the world of sports.

With that in mind, going with the modern Canucks logo just feels sort of like a missed opportunity.

Now I’m not suggesting the team needed to go full-on ‘Johnny Canuck‘ with this special alternative jersey – okay, maybe I am… – but why not throw things back to 1992 and really give fans something old, but also new?

The jersey is still great, but oh boy, it could have been so much cooler.


4. team. 112. . . . Calgary Flames

This is the first jersey I would consider elite.

Is it revolutionary? No, it’s actually not all too dissimilar from many a Calgary Flames jersey from the years of yore but marks the triumphant return of Blasty after far too many years away from the rink.

Could the jersey be improved upon? Sure. It would have been incredibly cool to see flaming A of an assistant captain on the jersey versus the far more traditional C of a captain, but honestly, that’s about it.

If this jersey does well, maybe Blasty will rear his flaming head a bit more often in the future, but if not, at least this current generation of fans got a chance to see it in stores and on ice in 2021.