Gilbert Gottfried cheers on the Carolina Hurricanes. Are celebrity shoutouts the NHL’s next trend?

Carolina Hurricanes players (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Carolina Hurricanes players (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /

Remember a few years ago when the Carolina Hurricanes used to do their Storm Surge celebrations?

Remember how everyone in the hockey world either loved or hated it? Whether you like them or not, it gave that Carolina Hurricanes squad some more attention. The Canes would go on to break a ten year Playoff drought that year, but that feels like so long ago.

Even if the Storm Surges are gone, the Bunch of Jerks, as Don Cherry liked to call them, are getting another zany tradition going. On Sunday, Sara Civian, Carolina Hurricanes reporter for The Athletic, retweeted a Cameo video a Hurricanes fan had commissioned. Famous comedian Gilbert Gottfried (you know, the guy who voiced pretty much every cartoon bird from your childhood) read a script that was a very not safe for work pep rally for Canes fans. It’s hysterical, but turn your volume down when watching. Gottfried used some colorful language even Gritty would blush at.

Thanks to Cameo, Gilbert Gottfried gave an epic pep talk to Carolina Hurricanes fans. Will other fans commission other celebrities to join in?

Maybe this will lead to a new trend of unsuspecting celebrities getting fan bases riled up. Remember a few short seasons ago the NHL had a marketing campaign for the Stanley Cup Playoffs centered around Snoop Dogg’s hockey fandom. Snoop Dogg to his credit is an actual hockey, and has been for years. In a sport like hockey that centers around the same traditions (hence why Don Cherry felt the need to call out the celebrations), Gilbert Gottfried seems just as much out of place as Snoop Dogg.

One of the best things about the video is that it was commissioned by a fan. This is a weird season, with fans being kept at an arms reach away from the game and players at best. Even if they can’t be there in person, this Carolina Hurricanes fan found a way to get involved in the excitement, via the great assist by Mr. Gottfried.

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Don’t expect this one to be the last. With this clip going out there to the world wide web, I’m sure other fans and fan bases are thinking of ideas. Maybe this is the Carolina Hurricanes’ new “thing”, just like those Storm Surge celebrations a couple of seasons ago. Perhaps Gilbert Gottfried (well, his prewritten script) was right, and “Rob The Bod” will be leading the franchise to another “expletive” cup.