The best – and worst – jerseys for every NHL team

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Minnesota Wild

No North Stars jerseys here, we’re sticking solely with Wild uniforms. For the most part, it’s been minor changes. That’s a good thing, considering their main designs have been really great.

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The Best: 2020-21 Home

The Wild have been using this look since 2017, where they ditched the red uniforms (which might make an appearance later) at home. The green with red highlights is a really great look, with the gold/tan accents popping. The red adds a dangerous element (good if you’re called the Wild) and the green makes you think of nature. It’s a perfect look, particularly design-wise.

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The Worst: 2009-16 Home

That’s a lot of red. A lot of red can work – like the Red Wings – if the accompanying color is white or black. But all that red with all that green? Anyone else feel like decorating the tree now? Honestly, I think if they had removed the green shoulder stripes, this wouldn’t be so bad.