The best – and worst – jerseys for every NHL team

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Montreal Canadiens

The Canadiens have been rocking their home uniform since before the first World War. It’s right up there with the iconic pinstripes of the Yankees, Dodger blue, the Celtics’ green and white. So, it should be no surprise that it appears here.

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The Best: 2020-21 Home

These uniforms have been worn since 1913. How perfect of a design do you have to create to use it for MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED YEARS?! That’s insanity. But here we are, still admiring the perfection that is the Canadiens’ home jersey.

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The Worst: 1912-13, 2009 Commemorative

The ‘barber pole’ jerseys are loved by some in the fandom, but you can’t count us in on that. When these jerseys returned as a commemorative, it was all too much. Looking at the jersey static is one thing, watching five players move around with them on is another. Hard pass.