The best – and worst – jerseys for every NHL team

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St. Louis Blues

The Blues have largely done things right. But one of the best decisions they ever made was not Featuring blaring trumpets and musical notes wearing a jersey. , the Blues apparently nixed these on the day they were supposed to be worn. But, we’ll let it slide because they were never marketed/worn on the ice.

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The Best: 2020-21 Heritage

The Blues have been using these Heritage jerseys since 2017. The cream/off white striping gives these a vintage flair that works so well and have made some minor changes to the coloring that really make it pop. These need to be used more often.

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The Worst: 1995-98 Home/2019-20 Alternate

Usually, we would show you the front of the jersey. But in this case, the most heinous sin occurs on the back, with diagonal lines and MISSHAPED NUMBERS. Why would you do this? Why was the greatest hockey player of all time forced to wear these?