The best – and worst – jerseys for every NHL team

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Colorado Avalanche

Colorado has been in the NHL for about a quarter of a century now – not counting the Nordiques – and have managed to do something so incredibly difficult in design. They created an alternate logo that looks like it originated at their inception. Will they be rewarded for it?

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The Best: 2019-20 Alternate

This design debuted during the 2019 season, but is still in use today. It’s easy to see why, too. This is the logo we mentioned earlier. It’s beautiful. Do you know how difficult it is to create a logo that looks retro? It’s hard.

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The Worst: 2009-15 Alternate

Diagonal lettering is never going to work on a uniform. Stop trying to make it work, please. On top of that, the overall design is so boring. An alternate uniform should stand out, not blend in. This was an era worth forgetting from a design standpoint.