NHL: The best goalie from each franchise’s history (Updated 2023)

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St. Louis Blues, Glenn Hall
St. Louis Blues, Glenn Hall (Photo by B Bennett/Getty Images) /

Best NHL goalie from each franchise: St. Louis Blues – Glenn Hall

There is a reason why hockey fans and historians refer to Glenn Hall as “Mr. Goalie” due to what he created back in the mid-40s. Oh yes, Hall is indeed credited as the first goalie to ever invent the butterfly technique we see used to this very day.

Hall didn’t land on the St. Louis Blues until the final years of his career but believe it or not, in the last four years of his career, he spent it with the Blues setting several franchise records. It took almost 30+ years later for their most regular-season shutouts by a goalie (16) franchise record to be broken but Hall’s a small yet rich part of their legendary history in the NHL.

History is always a glorious thing and when it comes to the Blues, having an instant and established star in Hall set the tone for those four seasons. Hall helped send them to four straight playoff appearances in 1967 – 1971, bringing an incredible amount of legitimacy to the franchise.

Hall went to 13 NHL All-Star Games and represented the Blues in his final two appearances to celebrate the best of the best in professional hockey. It was a fitting way for him to end his historic career and even though he didn’t win a Stanley Cup championship with the Blues, his experience helped boost the franchise tremendously.