NHL: 30 most prolific scorers of all-time

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NHL logo (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The NHL has so many great moments throughout a single game. It’s the most exciting sport because it never stops and the great moments are some of the prettiest to watch. It can be a deke that knocks a guy out of his skates, a tape-to-tape pass that bends geometry as a core concept, or a massive save that feels utterly impossible. However, there’s nothing like a great goal.

The best goal scorers in history were constantly on the highlight reel. Some were able to skate through an entire defensive front and score on his own. Others had the most unreal shot. Then, there were those who could combine the two.

This list will look at those scorers who could do it all to get the puck in the back of the net. This won’t be a list that looks at the list of top goal scorers, because that’s no fun. This is looking at the scorers who in their prime were the very best. They had a run of seasons where they were literally unstoppable. They couldn’t be stopped by a change in league rules or simple defensive schemes. These players put their team on the board as much as anyone in history.

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