NHL: 30 most unforgettable team runs in league history

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Adam Henrique

Adam Henrique (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

It’s the greatest two months in sports for NHL fans. The Stanley Cup Playoffs bring the drama, the excitement, and the intensity that people crave from sports. There are triple-overtime wins, devastating losses, edge-of-your-seat moments, and displays of athleticism that boggle the mind. Goalies bring their A game while forward look to score from the most unlikely areas. It’s must-see TV. It’s even better when it’s live.

While most postseason games are amazing, there are a few runs where you get to tell people “I was there”. Sometimes it’s just one goal, and other times it’s the entire 16-win run that makes it historical in nature. Hockey just has this way about it that watching it live actually matters. Every sport crowns a champion, but how many champions are crowned on a walk-off goal in overtime?

Hockey comes with more stress than other sports. It’s so fast that anything can happen at any time. No lead is safe, and even the stars fall to extenuating circumstances.

Which was the greatest run in the history of hockey?

There are those few runs that feel historic. They just have these moments that are hard to explain. They feed off this energy that’s addicting. It’s why Buffalo Sabres fans continue to root for a team that’s a disappointment. It will only make that exhilarating feeling of rooting for a contender even better.

There will be many teams on this list that won it all, but not all of them won it all. Every team at least played in the Stanley Cup Final, but not everyone won. This particular picture was from Adam Henrique’s series-winning goal against the New York Rangers. Devils fans will never forget it, despite the fact the team lost in the Final. This is what this list is looking for. Those runs that had moment after moment on their way to the Final. So while that Devils run was amazing, the team that won it was much better, so they make the list.

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