Seattle Kraken: Breaking down the pure excitement of a new franchise

It’s hard to start a hockey franchise, especially in the middle of an urban area, but the Seattle Kraken have done it. From a team full of talent to amazing jerseys, to a brand new practice arena that’s top-notch, the Kraken have done everything they can to bring the best of the best to Seattle.

First, let’s start with the team. The team is bursting with talent from the likes of Vezina finalist Philipp Grubauer to the Big Rig himself Jamie Oleksiak. In the expansion draft, the team did a great job at picking exactly what they needed to make a great first season from other teams. They also have Brandon Tanev and Jared McCann from the Penguins, which they got in the expansion draft from the Penguins and the Maple Leafs. Two very strong players that the team is lucky to have and will definitely make an impact on their team. We’ve already seen how strong the team can be, winning their first-ever preseason game against the Vancouver Canucks. They fell in their second game, but you can’t win them all!

Next, let’s talk about those insane jerseys. In my opinion, the Seattle Kraken jerseys are some of the best jerseys in the NHL. Whether home blue or away white, they are fun to look at and the logo is amazing on them. I love that it looks like a tentacle with that pop of red in there. Sometimes jerseys can be too boring or too colorful (I’m looking at you, Philadelphia Flyers), but the Seattle Kraken jerseys are the perfect blend of color that works on a dark blue background or a white background. I can’t explain it, but it makes me excited to root for their team.

Finally, their arenas. Of course, the Climate Pledge Arena is home to the Seattle Kraken, but the practice arena also has a special place in the Seattle hockey franchise. The practice arena is brand new and has not only one sheet of ice for the team, but three. This was put in so people could use it to learn to skate, play hockey themselves, or figure skate. The Kraken Community Iceplex even has a Starbucks in it! And more is coming: there will be a 300 person bar and grill in the ice plex with views of the team rink.

Seattle has done an amazing job at building a franchise in the city, and they will continue to be successful as long as they keep up the standard that they have started with. It’s great to watch hockey being born in a city, and it’ll will be great to watch it continue to grow.