Matthews, Kane, Jones named to 2022 American Olympics roster

NHL, Auston Matthews (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
NHL, Auston Matthews (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images) /

Auston Matthews, Patrick Kane, and Seth Jones have been named to the 2022 American Olympics roster. Here’s how we think that shakes out!

The IIHF and USA Hockey have named their first three players to the American hockey team for the 2022 Olympics. To no surprise, they’ve named Auston Matthews, Patrick Kane, and Seth Jones to their team. These picks aren’t really a surprise to anyone who knows the big-name American players. Matthews, Kane, and Jones are the power trio of American players and hockey players in general. Each one has made a name for themselves within the National Hockey League and will continue to do so on the international stage.

Matthews or Kane for captain?

The first question that has to be asked is who will be captain of the American Olympics team. The obvious answer seems to be Kane because he has more experience and he’s older. He’s set to play his 1000th game this year, and at 32, he definitely has more experience than 24-year-old Matthews. However, maybe we shouldn’t count out the possibility of Matthews being captain. The 24-year-old has accomplished a lot in his 5 years in the NHL, and he’s been a leading figure on the Toronto Maple Leafs. He could add that to the Olympics team as well.

Either way, no matter who it comes down to, Kane and Matthews will lead this team far with their combined experience and youthful energy. No matter who wears the C, I’m sure it will be up to both of them to be leaders on the American team.

Who’s next?

Of course, the question now is who’s next. If I’m part of the USA Hockey, I already have two great forwards and a defenseman, now I need a goalie. My guess would be Connor Hellebuyck or Jack Campbell. Both are fantastic goalies who have made a name for themselves in the NHL and would hold up well on the Olympic stage.